Return of the Tramlines

Return of the Tramlines


In Finland the tram history begins from Turku, which built the first horse drawn tram rails in 1890. At the end of 1972, all tram lines were removed from use and replaced by buses, which were called the Yellow Dangers.

Why was the tram traffic abolished? What memories do people still have of it? And what kind of disputes took place at the city council prior to the final decision on abolition? On Thursday night, 19.5.2011, the rails appeared back on the streets and memories, dreams and conversations resounded in the streets.

The Art Clinic, a project of the European Capital of Culture, was designed so as to let anyone participate. At the clinic I would write and direct a piece for the participants based on the person/the group, and the strengths and experiences of the city. The tram route piece was performed by a group of friends that called themselves The Turku Academic Barbequers consisting of teachers of mathematics and physics.

All together this meditative walking piece lasted 7 hours 42 mins and was 15,7 kilometres long.