Bus Trip Art

Bus Trip Art


The first mobile art experiments were born here and there on trains and buses in the early 2000s. I traveled a lot between Turku and Helsinki, and the action of writing on a notebook often ended with the letter J slipping off the edge of the page onto my jeans. Eventually the whole text snippet resembled a cubist cardiogram. When writing did not lead to anything, I let the situation and movements of the bus or train move the pen here and there for different lengths of time.

All the pieces I directed for the The Turku Capital of Culture Year discussed the public space and how we use it in our lives. When this was combined with the fact (known in the rest of Finland) that Turku people are introverted and get to know the neighbors only if they happen to go on the same vacation trip to Spain, the base of the Bus Trip Art was born.

In this experiment people would try making random art in the local buses with these instructions: Put your pen on the paper and let the bus twitches and stops create an image. Sign your piece, name it, and write greetings to the back side of the card to an unknown recipient.

All the cards were delivered on Valentine's Day to people living in different parts of Turku, mainly in the areas where most of the people live alone. This was done with the help of volunteers, who delivered nearly 1000 Bus Trip Art -cards to different addresses.

The piece was part of the Turku365 -collage of pieces, that included more than 50 000 citizens in the year of The European Cultural Capital 2011.