Essentialization Station

Essentialization Station


Community Artwork Essentialization Station (Olennaistamo) spread from August 18 to 24, 2014 to the center of Oulu, inviting city dwellers to meaningful encounters. The work made people stop to breathe in the same moment and reflect together on what's up with us and the world today. The pathway, prone to discussion, urged people to think about what is essential in life and to share their thoughts, especially with strangers.

The work elaborated on various themes, such as loss of time, gratitude, fear, courage, threats, doing things differently, change and opportunities.

As part of the work, letters were written to future residents of Oulu who would receive them in three years time. These letters would be distributed through a magistrate to newborns and people who moved to Oulu in January 2017.

The work also included a Dinner of Relevant Issues, during which the participants (chosen from all the applicants living in Oulu) got to discuss relevant and essential issues with the hostess. Participation to the discussion during the dinner was also made possible online via live streaming and chat.

The work was carried out in co-production with the City of Oulu, Culture Department. Photos Terhi Korhonen.