Red Carpet over Urban Wasteland

Red Carpet over Urban Wasteland


"Oh, I'd love to see a sculpture park here, look at the view from a tower, and swim in a little stone pool." 

Turku has many lots of unused land – places waiting for something new to be built or that have, for one reason or another, been left undeveloped. To celebrate the final stretch of summer in 2011, over 420,81 metres of red carpet were placed to guide the inhabitants of Turku to view hidden urban sceneries from the Kakola Hill. The red carpet was woven by 1059 weavers of the Varsinais-Suomi Arts and Crafts Association and the Taito centres operated by Åbolands Hantverks. On July 21st the carpet parade invited the weavers and fellow inhabitants to rest their eyes on a completely new view of our city on one of the seven hills of Turku.

Over 4000 guests walked the red carpet during June and July 2011. The guests were asked to give suggestions on how they would like to use the wasteland in the future. The suggestions and wishes were read carefully and delivered to the decision makers of Turku. Also a shout choir piece was conducted from this material by Petri Sirviö and Meiju Niskala.

Photos: Lilli Haapala ja Tuukka Kaila.