Pieces of Salo

Pieces of Salo


Pieces of Salo, the story trail network, was released in the spring of 2011. The work went online in the form of the concept, which I had previously created with the You are here (Turku) and You are here (in Helsinki) volumes.

For operating a Web service trail network I interviewed dozens of people on the streets, in cafés and at homes. I rummaged archives and read history. There was an added layer of atmosphere and content from Majala, a residency where I lived for several weeks during the spring and autumn of 2010. The neighborhood was a special one: on one side the landscape had hundreds of pheasants on the fields surrounding the mansion of Nalle Wahlroos, on another side there was an ancient Bronze Age burial ground and treasure cache, and on the third side there was a large and rambling industrial zone.

From all this was born Pieces of Salo, the trail network, which dives into the Salo identity, its history and its future. During the summer of 2011, people could find assignments along the route that they answered on their mobile devices. 

Pieces of Salo online pages can be found at www.salopaloja.fi.

Illustration of the pictures: Reka Kiraly

Web page: Nordkapp