Art for the People

Art for the People

Art is a better mirror than metal-coated glass mirrors. It doesn't matter if the person has blueberry soup around their mouth or their hair is pointing in every direction, because art can make us see if we have the right attitude every day. (Female, 26)

In September 2011 we started with the search, in which anyone, who wanted to have art in their life, could participate. The application form asked to explain the need for the art, things that the participant did not get tired of discussing, and reflect on what could be a work of art, if they were to be the artwork themselves.

Applications were received from the man in the street, the sick, people on welfare, students, art monsters, ​​as well as people who just wanted to have a keepsake of the Capital of Culture year 2011. At the same time, we were looking for artists who would like to donate an artwork for the 72 people, that were selected from the applications.

On Saturday, 19.11. 2011 there was a tent on the Turku Market Square, that had 72 packages inside in it. Those packages had a piece of art each. Every person receiving the package got five minutes to choose their own package, intuitively.

Candidates for the pieces of art arrived in advance but in random order, and before entering the tent discussed the importance of art in life of ordinary people.

What people think art is needed for? And what occurs when prior wishes and intuition on self-selected work encounter? And finally: did life change when the piece of art arrived home? Selma Vilhunen, oscar-nominated director, directed a document based on the Art for the People -work.

The work was part of the Turku Capital of Culture year 2011 and belonged to the Turku365 Book entity that during the year had more than 50 000 participants.