City Block Name Signs

City Block Name Signs

Where are Morning Star, Princess, Cosmos, High Plains and the Frog?

Turku burnt down in 1827. In the following year, the famous architect Engel designed a city plan where each block had a special name. This piece of history was finally unearthed when the Turku365 project decorated downtown Turku with signs indicating the original name of the block in question. The signs are illustrated by well-known Finnish artists who complement the historical charm of the project with their valuable artistic contribution.

The artists of the city quarter name signs:

Mehiläispesä: Lotta Nieminen
Ceres: Jaakko Pallasvuo
Pyöriäinen: Jenni Tuominen
Jalohaukka: Annika Dahlsten
Kaiku: Sami Lukkarinen
Kuu: Santtu Mustonen
Iris: Kasper Strömman
Sirius: Rauha Mäkilä
Aurinko: Elina Minn
Fortuna: Sasha Huber & Petri saarikko
Olympia: Anna Virtanen
Kärppä: Pietari Posti
Nunna: Paavo Halonen

Graphic design: Jenni Erkintalo.

Check the video (in Finnish) about the opening ceremonies of City Quarter Name Signs.


The work was part of the Turku Capital of Culture year 2011 and belonged to the Turku365 -entity that more than 50 000 people participated in during the year.