The Calendar for the Everyday Explorer

The Calendar for the Everyday Explorer


The Calendar for the Everyday Explorer was carried out as an activity book and calendar under a single cover. The book was dedicated to all the consumers and dwellers of the city; to children who crochet spider webs onto the holes in stone walls, to lovers who leave romantic messages in pants pockets hanging on clotheslines, and for dads who are wild about doodling flowers, dogs, and fixed gear bikes with chalk here and there. But in particular, the book and its 52 groups associated with the city and their everyday tasks were dedicated to all those who have not yet tried holding a picnic in the parking lot gutters or experiencing the treasures of the city as their own.

The book was published as part of the Turku365 - The Year of Exploration of Everyday Life, which took place in Turku, the European Capital of Culture in 2011. A weekly program based on the book was made for the Yle Turku radio channel by reporter Kalle Talonen.

The tasks in the book were also published on the website where anyone could report on the implementation of the tasks. 52 Finnish artists and thinkers, as well as 52 school and day care groups were invited into the exploration of everyday life. You can be inspired by their task implementations even after the calendar year at www.arjenlöytöretkeilijä

Publisher: Kustannusosakeyhtiö Like
Graphic design and illustration: Jenni Erkintalo and Hanna Konola
Radio program script and host: Kalle Talonen