Turku Poem Tour

Turku Poem Tour

This big site-specific sunny poem tour took place in June 2011, in Turku, about Turku, for Turku.

The route was: Riverside (Linnankatu 3), the Market Square, the railway station, Naantalin pikatie, Artukainen, Perno,  Suikkilantie, Vanha Tampereentie, Runosmäki, Turku Cathedral, Nummi (Karjakuja), Varissuo, Itäharju, Kolerahautausmaa (cholera cemetery), the Kupittaa station, Aurasilta, the Market Square.

The performers were from a poem group called Allit.

The artwork was a production by Art Clinic, where groups and private individuals created public urban artworks tailored for their personal skills and interests. Art Clinic was part of Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 program as part of the Turku365 - artwork.

Photos: Anna-Sofia Sysser and Lilli Haapala.

Video: Karoliina Knuuti.