The Book of Good Life

The Book of Good Life

Be open to things. Drink water among other things. Produce positive experiences to friends and people unknown to you. Be willing to see the positive side of things. Let go. Say thank you. 

In the spring of 2013 I met a random number of seniors living in the metropolitan area. On several occasions we discussed life experiences, the state of the world, and what people needed the most in the midst of this period of economic instability, terrorism, global natural problems, and spiritual malaise. Age does not automatically bring wisdom, but life experience it does.

The Book of Good Life was built during a common journey to help, support, advise and encourage people toward a good life. Life gives rise to repeated situations in which the pressure has the opportunity to squeeze us into either black embers or into clear diamonds, but the end result is up to ourselves. We will always have the freedom to choose how we deal with things and continue our journey. All the wisdom and life experience that is out there should be shared! 

The book was part of the Medborgare work, which was carried out by the Helsinki Festival and RAY's Goodwill art project.

Your own book can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Graphic design: Jenni Erkintalo
Pictures: Sami Perttilä