The Medalday

The Medalday


The first Medal Day was celebrated on 18.11.2011, when 700 medals were given to people with the request to give them forward to people that make that person's day better. It could be given to the bus driver that gives sudden performances, sings or gives candy to people. Or somebody else that you see often in your life, who makes your day happier, especially with his/her attitude, but who doesn't belong to your family or friends.

The medals were given to people giving a talk at the TEDx -conference in Helsinki.

The results were asked to be documented on Facebook. During that day hundreds of people replied to the task. Although most of the stories are in Finnish, you'll find some happy pictures there as well.


I have a routine of using random elements in my life. In 2007 I was traveling in Luzern, Switzerland, with a pair of dice as my guide. The dice guided me to a second hand market, and next to one of the tables there was a big bag of old medals. Since the dice made the rules I had to play with, I bought the medals and decided to find them good use later.

Back in Finland I put a few medals in my bag and carried them around. A few months later, when taking the train from Helsinki to Jyväskylä, I suddenly found a good use for them: there was a conductor, who gave such a great speech (including jokes and poems!) before the train was on its way, that I asked other people if they would join me in applause and cheering, when I gave the medal to the conductor since he made our day begin in such a wonderful way. This moment started a routine, that spread out as a celebration three years later.